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About Rootstock

The best orchards are managed holistically. To get the best harvest, you need to see beyond the tree. Need an assessment of your annual or major gifts program or recommendations for your next comprehensive capital campaign? Start with Rootstock.

Conserve resources

Our engagements dig deep: leadership interviews to understand your organizational values, the functional dynamics of your fundraising history, and the status of your ongoing efforts, as well as key external stakeholder interviews, in-depth institutional research, and initiative evaluations—all without travel expenses.

Accelerate campaigns

A virtual consultancy is a nimble consultancy. At Rootstock, we leverage the technologies of today and tomorrow to anticipate opportunities, streamline operations, and set you free to focus on what you do best.

Cultivate success

Rootstock insights can help your teams execute and operate at the highest level. We help you identify and create your team’s ideal growing conditions and discover new pathways to success with clear, practical, actionable advice.