Virtually unstoppable.

Our innovative approach to philanthropy puts your most ambitious goals within reach.

Our Process

What is it like to work with a fully virtual philanthropic consultancy?

1. Consultation

Rootstock wants to know one thing: Can we help you reach your goals? We invite potential clients to share their organizational history, key fundraising metrics, and any pertinent diagnostic information to help us see where you are and where you wish to go. Our virtual intake interview is designed to find common ground and work out a way forward.

2. Collaboration

A clear scope of work. If we’re going to grow together, we need open lines of communication and clear metrics for time, resources, and deliverables. Rootstock supports your team using virtual, cutting edge telepresence technology to deliver real time, practical, and actionable advice at lower cost. Where in-person work is required we set that expectiation up front.

new client welcome packet orienting your team to our simple, straightforward approach to billing, scheduling, and more. (There might be some swag in there, too!)

Formal goal setting session(s) focused on your desired outcomes. we make sure we begin with the end in mind.

Leadership interviews illuminating your terroir are critical to developing strategies that reflect your capacities.

3. Contract

Rootstock is ready to get to work.